Saturday, October 15, 2016

Road Trip - Chapter 9 - Last Chapter

After we left Santa Rosa, NM and the Blue Hole, we made our way to Albuquerque. This is our last stop. Terry will be meeting some customers Thursday. He had planned it to be a full day. But customers cooperated and he got back to the hotel much earlier than expected. So on a whim, we  threw everything in the van and headed out. It was a beautiful drive. Even though it was hard. Traffic. Lots of semis. They have to be the least courteous drivers. Especially when there are so many mountains. And the mountains of course made it harder. Then, the sun going down in his face. But once we were on our way, he did not want to stop.

And it was amazing to see...

Then we were back in Arizona! 
Almost home!

Then it was down about a million mountains and finally never ending traffic and then finally, home sweet home.....

Friday, October 14, 2016

Road Trip - Chapter 8

After leaving Texas, we got to
New Mexico

Stopped at the Blue Hole.

We watched a lady jump in. Then her guy, well, he chickened out. We waited but nope. 
As we walked away, a young guy, maybe 20 years old did it. Then ran around and did it again. Ha ha Then another guy did it. All the while, the chicken guy getting passed by. 
Now saying this, I am the first to admit, I would most assuredly not be able to jump!
But then we saw from the car, his lady came up and holding hands, they both jumped. 
It was kind of sweet really. 

Road Trip - Chapter 7

Next morning, we are off from okc.
Next, we stopped in Shamrock!

And then on to Groom, Texas.
It is a magical lovely place.

We stopped so Terry could tell the story of his moms last moments and do another live feed and singing his latest song. 

Then we were off to Amarillo. 
We got to see the buried Cadillacs. 
We do not know the story of the cars.

We didn't know that you could bring paint to add something to one of the cars. So we just picked a car to do a selfie with. A guy saw us and asked if he could take the pic. 
He asked where our painting was. When we told him we didn't have any paint, they offered up their can! So I went to painting our names and Terry chatted. Come to find out, these people were from Bethalto! So completely impossible but true none the less! They knew to many things and one of them graduated 2 years after Nick.

The odds would have to be a million to one for that to happen and yet it did. 
And that was our trip to Amarillo.
Oh and a hotel room with no phone.
Ever hear of such a thing?